Projecting and systems for advanced healthcare solutions

Technology applied to medicine to survive and live better.
From the laboratories of the Universities (in the front line the Italian, Israeli and American ones) Medtech has become a new science and is today one of the most promising industries. Technology applied to medicine above all thanks to new connection networks and new devices which, as in the case of telemedicine, redesign the paradigm of the provision of care in both the private and public sectors.
In the field of research, the computerization of clinical trials processes and new imaging techniques have multiplied the production of new patents, especially in the field of rare diseases and the treatment of more aggressive tumors such as glioblastoma.


Supply of medical equipment worldwide, Medical device, PPE. General Contractor.


Integrated telemedicine systems, Medical Pod, cable cars and Teleconsulting.

research & innovation

investments in anti-pandemic solutions, support for medical research.

Medical Supplies

Thanks to an extensive network of suppliers, we are able to supply hospitals and private clinics at the most favorable prices.


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