Smart Villages

Villages connected with the world to remotely manage work, services, contacts: the line that connects information networks to homes, to human contexts wherever they are.

It is not just a matter of greed, connection and broadband or, as others think, satellite networks around the planet that manage to give a rebound to the internet signal. The idea is to develop and activate intelligence networks to support the technological growth of small villages.

To do all this, it is not only necessary to have technological competence or architectural competence. It is necessary to have a humanistic component grafted into a philosophical competence that puts all the existential needs and aspirations of the Human at the same system as a system integrator.

It is necessary to recreate and make human networks and territories flourish again, where the single generations have other growth prospects and a paradigm of happiness different from the one that has disappeared today in the vertical urbanizations of the great metropolises.

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