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“For a long time, we have theorized the export of democracy as a basis for regulating the life and well-being of the populations in the poor countries of the planet. But in recent years, under the pressure of climate change, health and economic tsunami have made a much more cogent idea.

Where the slum and favelas rates are high, we are witnessing political and cultural degradation, which is inevitably existential.
There can be no democracy if there are no minimum housing conditions in any country in the world. An urban and architectural order on which to base the policies of hygienic and bacteriological defense.
Hygiene and projects that replace with sustainable materials and prefabricated houses that immense desert of huts, hovels and open-air infections, Today more than ever points of explosion of pandemics and degradation from which the populations of the most remote areas of the planet cannot recover.”

Only from here can we proceed to a leveling of the economies produced by every human agglomeration, whose destiny is not to fly in slum and suburbias but to evolve towards a civitas redeeming and homogeneous.
Until attention is paid to how to control and regulate the phenomena of conurbation and the relative disorderly expansion of cities, it will not be possible to reverse the entropic parameters of degradation in slumization.
Starting from the redesign of cities first and then redefining the policies that govern them.
Seen as the urban application of the law of entropy, deslummification reverses the progress of urban disorder; from degradation to situation of order. And so it develops.

The theorem that moves us astray from a thought the most obvious simplicity: the construction of new prefabricated cities, sustainable and digitalized instead of slums produces human systems and therefore economic values that develop an economy sufficient to support those who live there because they provide environmental logistics for production and services.
We call this aspiration deslummification, that is to design and implement the reduction of housing degradation to zero parameter. The reset on which to rebuild new life the immense expanses of African, South American Asian, today transformed into human dumps.

Every favela, every slum, every suburbian must be zeroed first and then rebuilt into something in which it is possible to live, grow, educate and work.

The vastness of the spaces and the number of the populations involved can inhibit the will to succeed. The environment thus formed connects with the rest of the world and breaks the isolation and the paupertas. The order eliminates the sanitary and hygienic degradation. The environment produces culture. Expatriation is no longer necessary. The individual self is collectivized in community, the politics of relationships embryos democracy.

To achieve this ambitious project we are looking for young engineers, architects, managers, people willing to travel and build, to solve problems to move people and how to move around the world.

We seek those who want, those who want to put their hands and intelligence in their time and overcome the ambiguity of a life fought between aspiration and ambition.

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